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Swift Safety Institutes Office Team ​

 Besides our diligent contractors, we have an internal office team that helps keep Swift Safety Institute up and running, read below to get to know our awesome team members and find who you may be looking for to service your needs!  

Angel Shipp


Graduating Cumma Laude from UMSL with a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies she knew she wanted to help shape the medical world somehow. While working as a CPR instructor she realized she could make a difference in this field. In 2017 she founded Swift Safety Institute with community growth in mind, she has now grown her company from 1 state to 23+ states. Her passion for public health translates over into her company and her contractors. 

Randy Shipp


​Randy is not only Angels husband but her right hand man in running and owning Swift Safety Institute. 

Dawn Adams-Decker 


Helping to keep the office together Dawn is our go to lady for all back end information at  Swift Safety Institute.

Dawn Crecelius


Dawn is our hiring manager, interested in becoming a contractor with Swift Safety Institute!

Christie Abbington


Christie is our scheduling manager, whom most of you will talk to if you are contracted with us.

Infinity Beatty

Social Media, Brand & Marketing Manager/Trainer

With company growth and expansion in mind, Infinitys'  job is to maintain continuous positive growth for our company and our contractors. If you are interested in partnering with Swift Safety Institute please feel free to reach out via email.  

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